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2018首届中国·银川进出口商品博览会 火热招商中!

发稿时间:2017-12-03 来源:亚泰展览集团 信息中心


The first China Yinchuan Import and Export Commodities Fair in 2018

2018年7 月19日- 7 月 22 日(8:00-17:00)


组织机构Organizational institution:

主办单位:Host unit


Yatai (international) Trade & Exhibition group

承办单位:Co Organizer


Asia Pacific East of Inner Mongolia Exhibition co., LTD


Yatai Orient (Beijing) Convention and Exhibition Co.,Ltd




In recent years, with the rapid development of economy in China’s economy, the consumption level of “phoenix City” in Yinchuan has been continuously imporoved, and the demand for importanted food has increased rapidly, and the market has broad prospects for development.Therefore, the global import and commodity enterprises are very optimistic about the undeveloped  market in Yinchuan.

为适应市场需求,内蒙古亚太东方会展有限公司将于2018年7 月19到22日 在银川国际会展中心举行2018首届中国(银川)进出口商品博览会。展出面积达20000平方米,参展企业650多家,专业观众30万人/次。立足于宁夏进出口商品市场,打造出一个专业、高端、优质、权威的展示平台。

 To fill the demand, Asia Pacific East of Inner Mongolia Exhibition co., LTD would like to organize 2018 the 1st China (Yinchuan) Import Commodities Fair at China international Exhibition Center, between July 20th to 23th, 2018. The center has approximately 20000 m2 floor area, and it could take up to 650 exhibitors and 300,000 audience at one time. The company will focus on the import export goods market in Yinchuan, create a professional, high-end, high-quality, authoritative exhibition platform.


When president Xi Jingping visited Central Asia and Southeast Asian countries in September 2013 and October, he respectively proposed the strategic concept of building the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century”.With the way the strategy is major concept of a new world economic order to build win-win cooperation between the great Midwest narrowing the development gap,the formation of regional economic integration development pattern,from the pattern of development is not balanced,the great historical opportunity to expand the opening up strategy space.


地区优势:Regional advantage


Yinchuan is localted in the northwest border of the motherland, the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonous Region and one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China.And East near the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Alashan, Wuzhong City in the south, north of Shizuishan city. Over the years, Yinchuan has been insisting on “close links, distant references and outward expansion”, and has been activel going out and coming in. It has been expanding and opening in all directions, multi-level and wide fields, attracting investment sincerely and attracting investment sincerely. With the“The Belt and Road”initiative implementation of the ancient silk road full of new vitality, is endowed with more rich connotation. Ningxia, located inland, has become a new channel and a new platform for “looking eastward”and “looking westward”by the countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt.


As the country’s first inland open econmic zone, with Ningxia “The Belt and Road ”construction of the East, and strive to build the “air,land, online, ”Silk Road Economic Channel,from scratch,from small to lasrge, fast rising


To achieve a balanced development of the regional economy and narrowing the gap between the east and the west are important propositions. Since reform and opening up, Ningxia has been struggling to climb the hill for three reasons: first, due to its deep inland northwest, long-distance export, long time, high cost, sluggish production and living elements; Second, the low degree of economic orientation The awareness of opening up to the outside world is not strong. Third, it is not a transportation hub, and the attractiveness of undertaking the transfer of coastal industries is not stron


"With the deepening implementation of the" Belt and Road Initiative, "Ningxia has reached the front from the terminal station for opening up," said Wang He-shan, vice chairman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. This "frontier" is carried by three aspects: geographical location, policy effect and market demand:


The first is the geographical position. Ningxia is located in the middle of the new section of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. It has the special advantage of connecting to Northwest China, North China and Northeast China, leading to Central Asia and West Asia. In addition, the policy effect has also confirmed that the country has approved the establishment of the first Land-based economic pilot zone, setting up a comprehensive free trade zone in Yinchuan and approving Yinchuan as a key city for expanding national navigation rights arrangements. Finally, according to market demand, the Central Asian and Western Asian sub-markets have a radiation population of 300 million and a high bilateral trade volume with China 230 billion US dollars. A series of special industries and dominant commodities with competitive edges in the international market have been formed in northwestern, northwestern and northeastern regions of China, which can provide a broad market space for both sides to expand trade and carry out capacity cooperation.


聚焦贸易:Focussing Trade


With the goal of the service safety industry chain, it is an important platform for food, beverage enterprises, suppliers and service providers to provide market expansion, technology exchange and product trade.It covers all area of food and beverage procurement from food importers, supermarkets and integrated stores,to hotels and restaurants.



亚泰(国际)贸易展览集团投资有限公司(前身是北京市鹏寰东方国际展览有限公司)始创于2002年。集团在全国先后举办了进出口商品博览会、珠宝玉石博览会、国际茶叶博览会、进出口商品博览会、文化艺术产业博览会、旅游文化产业博览会、各种购物节、糖酒年货博览会、消费品展销会等近千场次。每年举办160多场展会,具有承办大型博览会、交易会、购物节、展销会的成功经验,在全国享有盛誉。集团具有一支专业化很强的招展队伍,在全国已形成了强有力的承办、招商、广告宣传的会展网络体系。集团致力于创办品牌会展,正朝着 “展会标准化、展期固定化、规模大型化、形式多样化、内容国际化” 的方向发展。

Yatai (international)Trade Exhibition Group Investment Co,Ltd. Was founded in 2002.The group in the country has held the import and export commodities fair,jade jewelry exhibition, International Tea Expo cultural industry expo,cultrual tourism industry expo,various shopping festival,wine expo,consumer goods Fair special pourchases for the Spring Festival thousand times. More than 100exhibitions are held each year. It has the successful esperience of hosting large-scale fairs ,fairs,shopping festivals and fairs,and enjoys great pressional team in the strong breeze,the country has formed a strong hots,China Merchants,advertising exhibition network system.The group is committed to the establishment of crad exhibition,which is developing towards standard.


宣传推广:Publicity and promotion


TV and Broadcast:Ningxia Daily Newspaper, Yinchuan daily newspaper, City Newspaper, New Information Newspaper, Yinchuan Daily Newspaper, Ningxia Broadcast and TV Station


Groups : Senior managers from large supermarket or shopping center purchasng department to order products and talk over the business.

电 话 短  信:电信专业网络服务全方位覆盖,讯息群发告知广大市民开展时间及详细资讯。

Telephone and message: Telecommunications professional network services,full coverage,

户 外  媒 体:市内街道路名牌媒体、公交车、过街天桥广告位,小  区LED、户外悬臂广告、LED大屏、大量的印刷宣传品。

Outdoor Advertisement :Bill Board, Buses, Overpasses, Communities LED, Outdoor advertising, LED screen and printing materials;


Onsite Advertisment: Rainbow doors, air float, bunting, paper bags, posters, tickets, etc.;

网 络  媒 体:微信推广广告、各大新闻媒体APP发布宣传、各大网站发布宣传。

Network media: Wechat promotion ad, App release of major news media

should pass, Major








Exhibition scope:

★Imports of household items:daily washing,kitchen supplies,bathroom products,household appliances, service robots, digital imaging ,communication equipment ,maternity and child care products,sports and leisure product ,household decoration and health care equipment,ect,

★Imports of foodand beverages:coffe ,tea, wine and spirits ,alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages,liquor appliance ,tee sets ,rady to eat food ,snack food ,health food products

★ Imported jewelry crafts:crafts ,ceramic products ,crystal products ,handicrafts ,toys etc.

★Imports of clothing and accessories:Children’s clothing ,men’s clothing ,women’s

★Internationl Trade and cross-border electricity providers:cross-border business ,international logistics  enterprises, business transactions and the three party payment platform ,import trade enterprises in the supply chain,import trade platform ,free trade zone ,free trade zone ,duty-free and import trade intermediary services ,etc.


参展要求、须知 Requirements and notes for exhibition :





(1)  With enterprise legal person qualification, business license ,commodity ins   pection certificate and sanitary license ; the manufacturer has a production  license and a sanitary license, and may not operate counterfieit or inferior   products ,otherwise the consequences will be too heavy .

All imported goods (food)must provide Chinese labels, customs clearance pr  ocedures to ensure that the formal channels of products.




   Booth fees and arrangement :this exhibition provides two kinds of standard booths and open ,exhibitors can choose according to the needs of the development.


★ 标准展位: 3mx3m=9㎡;    人民币RMB:4500 元/个;


★Standard booth: 3mx3m=9 ㎡   RMB:  4500 / each

Lips:  standard booth carpet, thre e panels ,company name lintel ,consulting table ,two folding chairs ,two spotlights ,one power socket (special power please explain in advance ,will be charged separately.)

★空地费用: 人民币RMB:450元/㎡(36㎡起租)


★Open booth fee(RMB):  600  Yuan /㎡ (rent up 36 ㎡)

Lips: open booth with no shelf space and facilities ,set up the quality of        security ,the exhibitors can choose to built your business building or        ganizers recommend booth .


帐    号:020008060920022743

★Yatai Orient (Beijing) Convention and Exhibition Co.,Ltd




展览时间:2018年7 月19日- 7 月 22 日(8:00-17:00)



地    址:内蒙古呼和浩特市赛罕区大学东路路口内蒙古国际会展中心东1门


Asia Pacific East of Inner Mongolia Exhibition co., LTD

Address: 2nd Floor, east side office, International Conference & Exhibition Center,

East University St, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Telephone: +86-0471-3986786

Venue:Erdos City Dongsheng District People’s activity Center